Ceiling is the Roof

Episode 12 – Joel Berry's retirement interview and looking back at his career from Mr Florida to UNC Basketball to playing professionally. Ceiling is the Roof Podcast – British Tar Heel

This is the twelfth episode of the 'Ceiling is the Roof Podcast' from https://ceilingistheroof.com/  This was a memorable episode that saw Joel Berry @JoelBerryII announce his retirement from basketball. George (@britishtarheel) spoke to Joel about his previous chapters looking at his time in high school to UNC to the G-League and then to playing overseas, before talking about Joel's next chapter.  Joel has many stories from when he was with the UNC Basketball team and opens up about some of his struggles in professional basketball. THIS PODCAST IS SPONSORED BY – RLAMAR CLOTHING at https://rlamarclothing.com/.  Check out his website to see the clothing line.  You can use the 15% off discount code 'ROOF' when purchasing from the store.  REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL   LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE TO APPLE PODCASTS – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ceiling-is-the-roof-podcast-british-tar-heel/id1564566360  LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE TO SPOTIFY – https://open.spotify.com/show/3hICaXeiyb2DpQ4C9mpre3?si=66z5a-31TQaa6qDqlAwNRg&nd=1  FOLLOW ON TWITTER – https://twitter.com/britishtarheel  FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/britishtarheel/
  1. Episode 12 – Joel Berry's retirement interview and looking back at his career from Mr Florida to UNC Basketball to playing professionally.
  2. Episode 11 – Brandon Robinson's decision to step into coaching and he talks about his four years with UNC Basketball and many Coach Roy Williams stories.
  3. Episode 10 – Leslie McDonald talks about the 'what-if' of UNC Basketball 2011/12, the new NIL policy and more great stories on the Tar Heels.
  4. Episode 9 – Nate Britt discusses his time at UNC, the family gathering with his brother after 2016, life now as a professional basketball player and more.
  5. Episode 8 – Bobby Frasor reminisces his time with UNC Basketball, being roommates with Tyler Hansbrough and learning from Coach Williams.

About Me

Hi, I’m George and in 2010 I left England for a job in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I was working with some UNC students and by the end of my first week I headed to the local Walmart and bought some UNC shorts. I’ve been a Tar Heel ever since.

I watch every game from England, despite the five hour time difference. Also, building possibly the only Tar Heel Sports Cave in the U.K.

I was fortunate enough to coach college basketball in the U.K. and then I was able to step onto the courts of the Dean Dome and Carmichael when coaching at a Carolina Basketball Camp in 2015.

I’ve felt the heartache of Kendall’s broken wrist, the shot after Marcus’ shot, and I’ve screamed for joy at 4am when we took down Gonzaga!

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