JP Tokoto vs Leaky Black


If you watched the Tar Heels play from 2012 to 2015, you would have been accustomed to seeing an Air Pierre Highlight on Sports Center. Jean-Pierre Tokoto was recruited out of Wisconsin and played with the likes of Marcus Paige, Joel Berry and Justin Jackson before leaving Chapel Hill his junior season to go play professionally.

Tokoto was a fan favourite and a great team-mate, but his athleticism is obviously what he’ll be remembered for, the ability to make highlights out of thin air, trust me.. YouTube it. Although that wasn’t the only attribute JP could bring to the court, JP was a lockdown defender. Making the All ACC Defensive Team in Sophomore year and ranked top 4 in assists and steals (only player who was not a PG too), basically JP hustled!!

Fast forward a few years later and coming out of Concord, NC (home of Basketball) was a 6ft 7 wing named Rechon Black, better known as Leaky Black. Leaky started off in a packed UNC team with Coby White, Cam Johnson and Nassir Little, so didn’t see as much minutes. Then in his Sophomore and now Junior Season we’re seeing Leaky getting some bigger minutes and he’s stepping up (see ND game on Jan 2, 2021).

Leaky just like JP led the team in steals in his sophomore season, also being second in the assists column too. Leaky isn’t a big scorer, but there is so much more of what he does on the floor that makes him invaluable to the Tar Heels. JP and Leaky are both not big scorers and you’re not going to rely on them from behind the arc, but heck you know they’re going to get on that floor if you need them too.

Jean-Pierre Tokoto is currently playing in the Israeli Premier League for Hapoel Tel Aviv, after terms in the NBA G League, Australia National Basketball League and in Spain. JP will always be a Tar Heel favourite.

With Leaky getting more minutes in his junior season and likely his Senior Season next year too, there’s no denying the Leaky has a future in professional basketball as well.


Tar Heels, what do you think about this comparison?

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